Excerpts from our Guest Book

"Your quiet, peaceful and homey space was a perfect retreat during our busy and stress filled trip"
Dieter, December 2011

"Delightful haven of calm during our hectic stay in Kelowna. Some of the best scrambled eggs ever"
Carol & Dal, August 2011

"I really liked the Bridal room, and we both loved the bed and the balcony!
We would love to come back!"

Sharon & Sabrina, July 2011

"Everything was clean and bright, and the size of the room made our stay very comfortable. All the small things, we have never found before, made the difference to every other accommodation. Start with the fresh fruits, the welcome music, etc."
Holger & Monya, July 2011

"This was by far the most spacious and relaxing"
Calvin, August 2010

"We only can confirm all former compliments. In one word: Great!"
Yola & Henk, August 2010

"The Bridal was just right. Each year we make a honeymoon"
Gerdy & Dries, May 2010

"This was a home away from home"
Steve & Penny, December 2009

"Loved the bed – so comfy! Had a great visit to Kelowna, Your Bed and Breakfast was a big part of our enjoyment"
Bill & Carol, August 2009

"What a lovely area to be in during the spring"
Brigitte, June 2009

"Love the area! So close to the water it's gorgeous!"
Jennifer & Bob, May 2009

"Great breakfast (Nutella!), we'll come back!"
Norma & Stefan, September 2008

"These peaceful surroundings were my sanity this busy weekend"
Patty, July 2008

"I felt I was staying at a friend's house"
Ami, May 2008